Product Spotlight: Mountain Pipe and Top Dog Legend.

29 06 2011

Our friends at Talking Treads completed their review of our Mountain Pipe and Tog Dog Legend this week. Reviews like this give consumer-based feedback on how our products are performing in the real world. With feedback such as “The Mountain Pipe is the perfect addition to your cycling tools.” and “The Top Dog Legend is a great off the bike pump…” we certainly enjoyed the review. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the full review HERE.

About Talking Treads:
“We like bicycles. We aren’t experts in anything, really. We tend to like people who like bikes and we tend to talk about bikes. So we’ll do that here. Sometimes we might talk about other things. We would also ask that you stop trying to hit us with your car.

Each “Tread” brings something different to the blog, whether it be the road cyclist, mountain biker, commuter, urban, or racer flavors. We also grasp upon our different opinions of cycling to throw into the mix. We wanted a spot for other cyclists to be able to read up on news, events, rides and products that are shaping and growing cycling today.”




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